In Jacob's latest collaboration, he and Stureplansgruppen have developed menus and painted a painting of 9x2m for their new initiative, Arnold's at Stureplan, Stockholm.

Arnold´s is the latest addition to the Stureplan group. Here, influencers are mixed with careerists over Surf & Turf, Champagne and fine art on the walls by, among others, Ernst Billgren, Liselott Watkins and Jacob Florberger.

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For renowned restaurant Lipp in Gothenburg, Jacob has painted menu & drink cards in watercolor and ink.

Together with Snälleröds Akvavit, Lipp also produced their own snaps where Jacob designed the label.

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At the culinary restaurant Smaka in Gothenburg, Jacob, together with Carlsberg, OP Andersson, RedBull and Hasselblad, arranged a vernissage with associated dinner. During the evening, the pop duo BF/C came by and gilded the evening with their latest release.